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Back Straightener & Posture Corrector

Back Straightener & Posture Corrector

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🏆 #1 Postural Realignment - Forbes 2024

💪 Relieves Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

📈 Invest in Yourself & Feel the Change

🌟 Over 50.000 People Treated!

Back Straightener & Posture Corrector

Regular price $29.99
Sale price $29.99 Regular price $59.99
SAVE 50% Sold out
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UPDATE: We're going VIRAL on TikTok right now and the remaining stock is very low. 

Transform Your Posture, Transform Your Life!

Are you tired of the discomfort and potential health risks associated with slouching and hunching?
Crafted for those who value both style and well-being, our KidoMap Posture Corrector is your partner in achieving a straighter spine, reducing pain and improving your health within a short amount of time.‎ 

Immediate and Lasting Results


Unlike other products, KidoMap offers both immediate and long-term benefits by correcting posture and improving spinal health. We're committed to your overall well-being, not just a quick fix.

Your Key to Effortless Comfort and Confidence!

Poor posture results in us looking a couple of inches shorter than we are, looking bashful, and can ultimately cause long term damage to our back.
Have you ever seen someone who looks good with a slouching posture?!

The KidoMap Posture Corrector is a high end device designed to retrain your muscle memory so you can enjoy greater confidence and health.

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Over 50,000+ Customers Are Obsessed!


Noticed that this product has significantly improved their posture.


Noticed that this product has significantly improved their posture.


Said they would reccommend our product to people with bad posture.

  • ★★★★★

    Amazing product! Has absolutely helped with my ongoing back pain I've had since my teen years. As soon as I pull the straps forward, I can feel the tension on my back leave. I wear it almost everyday!

    Jessie Morris | Mira Loma, CA

  • ★★★★★

    Very comfortable and already feel the difference after two weeks! I feel like it has helped my posture, it’s comfortable, and when I wear it over a black jacket, it can be stylish too! It makes my jacket look very fitted and tailored! Overall great product! I highly recommend!

     Julie Grande | New York, NY

  • ★★★★★

    I work as a waiter at a busy restaurant and have to be on my feet ALL DAY. After a shift, my back feels terrible. But once I started wearing this at work, my back pain has DISAPPEARED. It completely takes the pressure off your back muscles. My coworker bought one after I told her about it!

    Greg M. | San Carlos, CA

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What Makes Higsoc Special

Find out why you should choose Higsoc instead of other posture correctors.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We love providing the world with special moments and are confident your special person will love the gift. That's why we're offering a 

Here are the answers to your questions


⏹️ How does the Higsoc Posture Corrector work?

Our Higsoc Posture Corrector employs a patented design that effectively supports your back, promoting proper posture. It provides a strong hold to help maintain an upright position to not only fix your posture, but also alleviate any back pain you have by taking the pressure off the muscles and joints active during bad posture.

❓ Will the Higsoc Posture Corrector help alleviate lower back pain?

Yes, our Higsoc Posture Corrector is specifically designed to alleviate lower back pain by providing support to the spine and reducing pressure on the lower back muscles and joints.

🌟 Is the VitalHealth Posture Corrector visible under clothing?

No, one of the unique features of the Higsoc Posture Corrector is its sleek and discreet design. It can be easily worn under clothing without being noticeable, allowing you to maintain your style while holding a healthy and attractive posture.

🎛️ Can I wear the Higsoc Posture Corrector all day?

Absolutely! The VitalHealth Posture Corrector is designed for 24/7 use. Whether you're at work, on a date, or hitting the gym, it provides continuous support to help you maintain a healthy posture throughout various activities.

✅ Is the Higsoc Posture Corrector adjustable for different body types?

Absolutely! Our Higsoc Posture Corrector is designed with adjustability in mind. It comes with customizable straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of body types. Please refer to our size guide.